(Must be filled out in order to try-out.)

The only required document that cannot be completed online is the annual physical and medical history form. The physical and medical history form will be available to print during the online process. The completed physical form must be signed and dated by a physician and a parent no earlier than April 1st of the preceding school year and must be turned into your child’s coach before your child will be cleared to participate. It is recommended that you make a copy of the completed physical form for your files.

They must have a student ID number to complete forms and it must be correct. If a student has not registered and does not have a student ID, then you can print a hard copy and turn in until given an ID. Once you have the ID, the parent or student can fill it out online to be in the data base.

 Both Athletes and Parents should fill out forms together online. 

 For any of our athletes that do not have an email address you can use: in the required entry.

 If you experience any problems you can email Trina Hughes @